ALTA’s Call for Faculty

ALTA is looking for Faculty (speakers) for the 2017 ALTA ONE. Being a part of the ALTA Faculty is something we take very seriously. To provide the highest quality sessions and speakers, the Call for Faculty application is designed to highlight your areas of expertise and personal speaking style.


ALTA is accepting faculty applications until Friday, May 5.


Call for Faculty Process:

  • Interested faculty can submit an application through the online portal.
    • Read the instructions below carefully as our process for speaker selection has changed.
  • ALTA will close the Call for Faculty on Friday, May 5.
  • ALTA leadership and staff will meet in mid May to review applications and choose speakers and sessions.
    • Based on faculty expertise and member interest, ALTA will provide session description and title for further development.
  • ALTA will contact accepted faculty to begin to develop sessions in late May.
    • All breakout sessions will be educational and are not a platform to sell a specific company, product or service.


Completing the Call for Faculty Form:

  • There is no way to save a partial entry of this form, so make sure you have all of the required information and items ready before you begin!
  • Most fields are required, and you won’t be able to submit the form without completing those fields.
  • See below for a list of the information and items required to submit the form.
  • You will receive an email confirmation with a copy of your responses to the email address you provide.
  • Please contact with questions.


Information and Items Required to Submit an Application on the Call for Faculty:

  1. Contact Information: You will be asked to provide name, title, company, mailing address, email and phone number.
  2. Area of Expertise: You will be asked to identify areas of expertise on which you are willing to speak. You will also be asked to provide key takeaways for each area you select. CLICK HERE to view the Areas of Expertise.
  3. Speaker Bio: You will need to upload a bio in Microsoft Word or PDF format. If selected to speak, this bio will be used on the ALTA website and in any CE/CLE filings.
  4. Speaker Headshot: You will need to upload a headshot in JPG format, no larger than 4MB. If selected to speak, this headshot will be used on the ALTA website.
  5. Sample Video: You will be asked to share a link to a short (2-3 minutes) sample of you giving or pretending to give a presentation. This is meant to evaluate presentation style. Production quality will not be evaluated. To assist you in sharing a link to your sample video, we’ve compiled a list of free file sharing and video sharing services, and instructions on how to upload a video and share the link. Simply create a free account, upload a video, and copy/paste the link into the form! CLICK HERE to view the list of services available.
  6. Preferred Room Set-Up
    • Classroom
    • Conversation café (round tables for interactive discussion)
    • Roundtables
    • U-Shape
    • Other
  7. Preferred Audio/Visual Set-Up
    • Lavaliere microphone
    • Panel table with microphones
    • Podium and podium microphone
    • Projector and Screen for a PowerPoint Presentation
    • Other
  8. Preferred Instructional Method
    • Breakouts
    • Conversational
    • Lecture
    • Panel
    • Polls
    • Role-play
    • Roundtables
    • Visuals (PowerPoint or Handouts)
    • Question and Answer section at the end of the session
    • Question and Answer throughout the session
    • Other
  9. Recent Speaking Engagements: You will be asked to provide information on up to three recent speaking engagements (including organization, event, session title/topic, date, format, co-presenters)
  10. Additional Information: You will have an opportunity to tell us any additional information you think we should know (ex: co-presenter, specific topic idea)


I have all of the required information and files ready to submit; Take Me to the Call for Faculty Portal!