Lobby Day Tips & Tricks

1. Make a plan

1. Who is the delegation leader?

2. Who will pick up your delegation’s leave behinds and video card from the lobby day table on Wednesday morning? Only one person should be assigned to do this for the group!

3. Review your schedule. Are there meetings that no one in the group is able to attend? Notify Kirstie Tucker of all scheduling changes.

4. What time will you meet to depart for Capitol Hill?

5. Where will you meet your delegation? Watergate Hotel, State Delegation Coffee, etc. 

6. Do you have time to stop by Bullfeathers during the day?


2. Take photos and tweet them or put them on Instagram (@altaonline) with the #ALTAsummit or #wetheprotectors


3. Buses will depart the Watergate Hotel every 30 minutes starting at 7 am – 9 am on Wednesday, May 3. The last bus will leave at 9 am. 


4. To arrange SUV service during the day, please contact Lauren at 913-908-6813. Please try to give her about 30 minutes notice before you need a car in order to secure a car is available.


5. There are no buses returning to the hotel during the day on Wednesday but check with Lauren to see if an SUV is available to make a trip.


6. ALTA’s lobby day hospitality suite is open from 10 am – 5 pm with lunch served from 11 am – 2 pm. This suite and lunch is sponsored by First American. 


7. Lobby Day Wrap party is from 5 pm – 7 pm sponsored by Old Republic. 


8. Buses returning from Capitol Hill will depart from Bullfeathers starting at 5 pm – 7pm.