Virtual Tips & Tricks

Before May 1st, please make sure ALTA has the following information from you.

  • Does ALTA have your current home address? To confirm, please visit your member profile on the ALTA website. We use this information to help us determine who your representative is and work your delegation an appointment with their office. 
  • Everyone who is attending these congressional meetings should confirm that ALTA has your cell phone number and your current email address to send calendar appointments to in advance of the meetings. The calendar appointments will contain a specific Zoom link for that congressional meeting. 

Where & when will the meetings take place?

  • The programming for this conference will take place in the event platform, Hopin. All congressional meetings will take place through Zoom. An ALTA staff member will be assigned to each state to help trouble shoot technical issues or answer any questions you may have as delegation. 
  • Each state has been assigned one day out of three for their CapitolHill meetings to take place. Please consult the schedule to see when your state will meet with their representatives. It’s important that you hold the entire day as meetings may get rescheduled

Preparing for your virtual Capitol Hill appointments.

  • All congressional meetings will take place through Zoom. An ALTA staff member has been assigned to your specific state to help trouble shoot technical issues or answer any questions you may have.
  • During your state’s prep meeting, please make sure to review your schedule. If there are meetings that no one in the group can attend please notify Kirstie Tucker. She can be reached at 202-528-9033 or
  • Delegation leader(s) will identify themselves during your prep meeting and are responsible for starting each of your delegation’s meetings. Note. It’s important to limit the number of people speaking in each meeting to avoid confusion and speaking over one another.  
  • A list of who will be attending each meeting will be shared both with the congressional office and the delegation in the calendar invitation sent from Kirstie Tucker. This will include companies and hometowns. The calendar invite will include background information on the title industry and a one-pager on the SECURE Act.
  • Messaging is different for a virtual meeting – make sure to make the “ask” up front!
  • The ALTA Government Affairs team will be hosting several advocacy and issues trainings throughout the week of the conference. An On-demand recording will be made available to all attendees as well. 
  • If you are unfamiliar with Zoom or would like a refresher, please click here to view a tutorial video.

What to know and except on the day of your virtual meetings.

  • Has a scheduling conflict come up for your delegation? Please notify Kirstie Tucker at 202-528-9033 or 
  • Please arrive 5 minutes early to the start of each of your delegation’s meetings. You will be placed into a Zoom waiting room with your assigned ALTA staff member who will initiate the call and once connected with the congressional office the delegation leader will take the lead on starting the meeting.
  • Have your camera turned on and find a quiet well lit area to take the meeting. It’s also important that you have a strong WiFi connection and close out other browser tabs and turn off email notifications.
  • Start your meetings promptly and be mindful of the length of the meeting.
  • Messaging is different for a virtual meeting – make the “ask” up front!
  • Limit the number of people speaking in the meeting.
  • If you are not speaking, please mute yourself in order to prevent feedback.
  • Members and/or their staff might not be on video – don’t take it personally!
  • After each meeting, ALTA asks that someone in your delegation fill out the Advocacy Summit Capitol Hill meeting survey. In this survey is where you can add your notes from the meeting and let ALTA staff know whether or not follow up is required with a particular office.

*** Take photos and tweet them or put them on Instagram (@altaonline) with the #altasummit.