CE and CLE Credit

ALTA will be submitting applications for CE and CLE credit in the states below.  Numbers will represent the total hours an attendee can earn at the Commercial Network.


CE Credit

CLE Credit

Alabama 6 P
Arkansas P P
California Reciprocal
Colorado 8
Connecticut Reciprocal
District of Columbia 6
Florida 6 9.5
Georgia 6.5
Idaho P
Illinois P
Indiana P 6.5
Iowa P 6.5
Kansas 6 P
Maryland P
Minnesota P
Mississippi P
Missouri 6 7.8
Montana P
Nebraska P 6.5
New Jersey P Reciprocal
New York Reciprocal
North Carolina P
Ohio P P
Oklahoma P P
Pennsylvania P
South Carolina P
Tennessee P 7
Texas 6 P
Utah 6 P
Virginia 6 P
Washington P
West Virginia P 7.8
Wisconsin P P
Wyoming 6.5

P indicates that the application is still pending.