Underwrite Your Future

5 Steps to Convince Your Boss

ALTA ONE is the largest meeting of title and settlement professionals where you will connect with other industry leaders from across the country and learn how your company can keep up with the many technological and regulatory changes. For underwriters in particular, ALTA ONE provides a unique opportunity to meet and connect with agents, settlement providers and technology vendors. Here are steps to convince your boss that ALTA ONE is where you need to be in October.

  1. Create a Conference Plan
    Find sessions that support your professional needs and skills. ALTA ONE has many sessions that cater to underwriters, focusing on the shifting regulatory environment, emerging technology and how to ensure profitability. ALTA ONE also offers many sessions that focus on building your team and helping your company become more cohesive and productive.
  2. Define Your Networking Opportunities
    Visit the ALTA ONE attendee page and select title companies to market to. ALTA ONE has many networking opportunities available to conference attendees. Some of the best opportunities are the opening party in Market ONE, Happy Hour in Market ONE and the TIPAC Golf Tournament.
  3. Emphasize the importance of your education
    The title industry is seeing many changes as technology evolves, and it’s crucial that your company adapts to these changes to be current and compliant. Let your boss know what you can gain by attending ALTA ONE, and emphasize how those skills will help you in your role back at the office.
  4. Send a request letter
    If your boss wants a written request for attendance, click here to download the letter we’ve prepared. Feel free to tweak the letter to your own preferences or add anything you need.
  5. Take everything you’ve learned back to the office
    When you come back from ALTA ONE, make sure to bring back all that information to share with the rest of your staff. You can even hold a post-conference briefing to make sure everyone is on the same page when you implement new policies and practices