Omni Session: The Power of Purpose

It’s time to break free from your limitations. The Industry is shifting, which means it’s your chance to think creatively and seize the opportunity to adapt. In this opening Omni Session, hear from ALTA’s CEO, Diane Tomb, about her vision for the coming year and what she sees as the industry’s greatness opportunities and weaknesses.

We will also take a look back at the past year with ALTA’s President, Cynthia Durham Blair NTP, as she highlights the goals she and the ALTA Board of Governors have accomplished.

Have you found your purpose? What motivates you? What truly drives your company? Entrepreneur, author and “ad man” Roy Spence will help ignite your “epiphany of purpose” during our  opening Omni Session keynote.

Co-found of GSD&M advertising and marketing agency in Austin, Texas, Spence also is co-founder and CEO of The Purpose Institute. The Purpose Institute is focused on discovering the higher calling and core values that define and shape an organization’s culture and the central purpose that captures the difference an organization makes in the world. It’s purpose is to help you and your business discover and fulfill your purpose.

Omni Sessions

Location: Congressional CC Date: October 23, 2019 Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am
Keynote Speaker
Roy Spence
Cynthia Durham Blair NTPDiane Tomb