Schedule Guide

  • Omni Sessions = Sessions that bring all attendees together to be inspired by industry leaders, strategic thinkers and big-name movers and shakers.
  • Notables = Hour education sessions focused on timely issues and trends that are affecting our industry. ALTA Faculty experts drill down on important topics, innovative ideas and business practices (CE/CLE credit available during some sessions).
  • Engagement Labs = 30-minute education labs designed to be shorter, interactive sessions to help attendees engage and become directly involved in the education (ex. round table discussion/ interactive and tactical).
  • Encore Notables & Engagement Labs = Popular Notable and Engagement Labs will be shown again live at another time/day during ALTA ONE. Check the schedule for more details.
  • Market ONE = ALTA ONE’s exhibit hall which allows vendors to showcase their solutions and services to attendees. Whether online or in person, each booth will offer additional information on the vendor, an option to chat directly with someone from the company or schedule a time to connect at a later date.
  • Networking Roulette = The ultimate virtual networking tool! These one-on-one conversations are set-up similar to a FaceTime call and designed to recreate the “coffee-in-the-lobby” conversations or water cooler chats that are so important at a live event. Both in person and virtual attendees will have access to this area of the event platform.
  • HQ Live = ALTA’s registration area led by ALTA staff and volunteers is the heart beat of the event. This will be where attendees can come to correct their records, update membership information, learn about the HOP and Registry programs, and ask questions about ALTA.