Notable: All In Leadership: Meaning, Belonging, and Collaboration as Pathways to Organizational Excellence

Once thought of as “soft skills,” creating a sense of meaning and of belonging are now considered “power skills.” They intertwine and directly elevate employee engagement. Strategies of genuine collaboration, beyond being “the right thing to do,” combine with the qualities of meaning and belonging to engender organizational excellence and to positively impact the bottom line. Together we will explore the latest research in the field of positive organizational scholarship as it relates to meaning, belonging, and collaboration. Attendees will acquire science-backed and evidence-based strategies for organizational well-being, and will learn how to create conditions for optimum creativity and flexibility for meeting current and future challenges.

Leadership & Talent Professional Development

Location: Grand Salon B (1st Floor) Date: October 14, 2021 Time: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm In-Person Virtual
Robin Johnson