Notable: M&A Activity in the Title Industry: What Happens After the Deal is Struck?

2021 has been a year of rampant M&A activity in the title industry, and 2022 may see more of the same. And while much of any conversation about M&A tends to begin with “who’s acquiring whom?” and valuation, it’s the strategic decision-making post acquisition that can really make or break the deal. This session will provide a practical outlook on bringing multiple operations—which likely functioned very differently prior to the merger or acquisition—together as a single, profitable business post transaction. The expert panel will consider the following elements of post M&A integration strategy:


  • Integrating multiple, pre-existing business cultures
  • Evaluating and integrating operating systems and other key technologies
  • Diagnosing cyber-security concerns with new acquisitions
  • Assessing and integrating how a purchased business has been doing business pre-acquisition, including customer service; vendor and underwriter relationships, marketing and more.
  • Spotting and mitigating potential hidden costs
  • Evaluating the compliance program and potential liabilities that come with a newly acquired firm.

Professional Development Sales & Marketing

Location: Grand Salon A (1st Floor) Date: October 13, 2021 Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm In-Person Virtual
Aaron M. DavisHoyt MannCharles C CainKevin NincehelserJames P. Schlimmer