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Mission: Protect

Your mission—should you choose to accept it—is to protect the title insurance industry from outside forces. Between the reemergence of title insurance alternatives, the advance of the GSEs’ mission creep and current economic conditions, it feels like the title industry is in the middle of a high-wire act. But now it’s time to light the fuse and flip the switch: ALTA ONE is the perfect place to discover big, innovative ideas that will help us safeguard our customers and uncover a path forward for our businesses.

This October, ALTA ONE will provide you with the education and inspiration you need to plan for your operation. The event’s programming will deliver insights on current regulations and pilot programs affecting the title industry, real estate wire fraud and other schemes, the economy and employee retention challenges. Attending ALTA ONE in Colorado Springs, CO, and collaborating with more than 1,000 other title “secret” agents will leave you feeling supported and secure as we navigate these challenges.

Let’s take on the high stakes and accomplish this mission together.

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