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Prosperity or Destruction: The Potential of AI

When you compare the potential benefits and harms of AI, how does that change what the future holds for the use of this technology? Government entities and law makers face serious questions around regulation and enforcement of automated decision making…

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Generational Leadership

Native American history, storytelling, and leadership lessons, combined into a presentation designed to help you make better decisions in challenging times. Generational Leadership will explore the tactics and leadership decisions that restored a broken culture, brought hope to a nation,…

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Unregulated Title Alternatives and Your Business

There has been a lot of noise around unregulated title alternatives in Washington and throughout the industry. In this session, attendees will learn about these alternatives and proposed pilots. Our speakers will discuss the limitations and risks posed by these…

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Underwriting Distressed Commercial Transactions

The commercial market is changing, and our industry must be ready to meet new and more complex market demands. This session will discuss distressed commercial real estate and title underwriting issues in insuring these transactions. The session will also cover…

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Fraud Trends in Commercial Real Estate

Wire and Title Fraud have reached an alarming high in 2023 and present significant challenges for underwriters and title agents. This presentation is designed to help an underwriter or agent understand the types of frauds, identify the key red flags,…

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