Brain Dating

Brain DateCurate Your Own Networking & Learning Experience

We can’t achieve our own personal greatness in a vacuum.

 ALTA SPRINGBOARD is a peer-learning hub and this live event helps attendees achieve this by providing offering a new way to network—Brain Dating, engineered by E-180. Designed to give event attendees an easy way to connect and meet one-on-one with like-minded individuals. Seek knowledge on best business practices, look for advice from fellow attendees, or find a new event partner with this simple matchmaking platform.  Explore who else is attending ALTA SPRINGBOARD and set up your own Brain Dates upon registration! All ALTA SPRINGBOARD Registrations include access to the E-180 Brain Dating App.

Spend less time sitting and listening.
Spend more time sharing and learning.
Attend ALTA SPRINGBOARD and experience BRAIN DATING, an all new level of networking.