Braindate FAQs & Getting Started

Do I have to be an expert to post a braindate topic?

No! Everyone has valuable knowledge and experiences to share – and we guarantee that someone will be excited to learn from you. Don’t hold back! Here’s some inspiration to help you write your topics: what have you been reading up on in your spare time these days? How do you achieve work-life balance? What are your secrets to nailing nerves before public speaking?

How should I host and facilitate my braindate?

  • Make sure everyone introduces themselves and contributes to the discussion.
  • Ask the participant(s) what interested them about the topic.
  • Be transparent and honest about your own experience related to the topic: You don’t need to be an expert to lead a braindate.
  • Don’t forget that everyone has something interesting they can add to the conversation: Adopt a beginner’s mindset.
  • Don’t forget to share contact information. Many great relationships started with a simple conversation.

I’m not sure I’m ready for a one-on-one. How can I test this out?

Booking a spot in a group braindate is a great way to start! These group discussions are a great way to experience a diversity of perspectives around a given topic. To find upcoming group braindates: Head to the market, tap Filter and select Upcoming and Group Braindate, find a group that starts at a convenient time for you.

I’m looking for a specific person on the Braindate platform, How do I find them?

Try searching their full name in the search bar in the Market. If you can’t find them, it means that they haven’t had the opportunity to create a topic yet and they won’t appear on Braindate until they make themselves available to meet by posting a topic or group discussion.

How do I know when my braindate is confirmed?

Whenever there’s new activity in your Braindate invitations, (like a confirmed braindate, an alternative time proposal, or a new message), a green dot will appear beside the bell icon in the navigation bar. We’ll also send you an email or SMS reminder if you’ve opted-in. You can manage these preferences in your Profile.

I accidentally declined a braindate, but I actually wanted to meet or reschedule.

The person who originally sent the invitation must resend it to re-initiate a chat. We recommend you speak with one of our Virtual Learning Concierges (real humans waiting to help you!) for support by clicking on the chat icon on the Braindate platform. They can help you reconnect with that person.

I received an invitation, but I’m not sure what times they proposed.

To review proposed times for a braindate, navigate to the bell icon and open your Pending tab. Click on the unread conversation (look for the little green dot!) and scroll up until you find proposed times to choose from. If you can’t find the conversation in your invitations, try opening the Confirmed tab to see your upcoming braindates and reschedule as needed!

No one has booked my braindate topic. What should I do?

Sometimes there’s just not enough time to book all the braindates we would like – don’t take it personally! Instead, try joining a group discussion on a similar subject. Pro tip: The more topics you create, the better your chances of meeting people will be. Try creating more topics, or adding more precise tags to your topic!

What’s a learning concierge and how can they help me?

Learning concierges are members of the e180 team who will be on call to support you actively in making the most out of your experience, including: providing technical support, setting your learning intention for your virtual event, discovering the knowledge you can share with others, finding the right conversations you want to take part in.

Where can I find the topics that I’ve favorited?

When you tap the heart icon on a topic in the Market, we’ll save that topic your favorites so that you can come back to it later. You can tap Filter and select Favorites to access your saved topics at any time.

What do I need to prepare for my Virtual Braindate?

Make sure you are connected to a high speed internet connection; Make sure your device and browser are supported; When you arrive on your Virtual Braindate, authorize your browser to have access to your camera and microphone.

Is my device compatible with Virtual Braindate?

We recommend that you use a desktop computer and avoid mobile devices to enjoy your Virtual Braindate experience to the fullest. Devices running up to date versions of Android, Linux, macOS and Windows are compatible.

Is my browser compatible with Virtual Braindate?

On your compatible device, you may enjoy Virtual Braindate with the following browsers : Chrome, Firefox and Safari. You can test your audio and video capabilities in your preferences, which you can access by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner or your profile screen.

I can’t turn off my camera or microphone!

Refreshing your browser will stop the broadcasting of your microphone and camera.

I can’t see or hear the person I am braindating with!

Make sure your device and browser are compatible with Virtual Braindates; Try refreshing your browser; Revoke, then reinstate your browser’s access to your camera and microphone by selecting the lock symbol left of the URL of the webpage; If the issue persists, get in touch with your Virtual Learning Concierge through the chat.

Where do I join my virtual braindate?

Just before your braindate, a Pop Up Banner will appear on the Braindate platform with a link to your topic, where you can join the virtual braindate. If you add your phone number in your profile Preferences, we’ll send you an SMS reminder before the braindate with a link to join your call!

How do I ask for support about Braindate?

There are Learning Concierges that are ready to help on the platform itself. When the event is live, real humans will be there to help you troubleshoot, create topics and just chat! You can use the chat option when it’s offline to send a support message and a Learning Concierge will get back to you as soon as possible.