CE/CLE Credit

ALTA has submitted applications for CE and CLE credit in the states below. Each Ideas Festival/Knowledge Community is where the credit can be earned. Numbers represent the total hours an attendee can earn at ALTA SPRINGBOARD.

CE Credit

CLE Credit

Alabama 5 P
Arkansas P P
California Reciprocal
Colorado P
District of Columbia 5
Florida 5 P
Georgia P
Illinois P
Indiana P P
Iowa P
Kansas 4 P
Kentucky P
Louisiana P P
Maryland P
Minnesota P
Mississippi P
Missouri P P
Montana P
Nebraska P 5
New Jersey P Reciprocal
New York Reciprocal
North Carolina P
North Dakota P
Ohio P P
Oklahoma P P
Pennsylvania P P
South Carolina P
Tennessee P P
Texas P P
Utah P
Virginia 5
West Virginia 6
Wyoming P 5
P indicates credits are still pending