Learn More About Braindate

Braindates helps you tap into the experiences and expertise of your fellow attendees at ALTA SPRINGBOARD. It’s also an easy way to connect and learn from each other through conversations about things you care about. Share your knowledge and book 30-minute one-on-one or 45-minute group conversations with other attendees on the platform. 

When creating a group Braindate, the platform will require that the creator select a designated day and time for the conversation. If an attendee chooses to create a one-on-one Braindate topic, the platform will not require that a specific date or time be selected. The date and times for all individual Braindates will be scheduled between the topic creator and attendee requesting the Braindate.  Regardless of whether or not it’s a one-on-one or group Braindate, all Braindates will need to be scheduled within the dates and times set forth in the ALTA SPRINGBOARD schedule. There is not a restriction on the number of Braindates an attendee can sign up for but there is an attendance cap for each group Braindate. Once that maximum has been met then no one else can sign up for that group Braindate unless someone cancels or the original group Braindate creator (or another fellow attendee) creates another day/time slot.

All attendees will be given access to the Braindate platform in advance of the event in order to create individual or group Braindate topic(s) along with the opportunity to book Braindates with other attendees.

***All registered attendees will be required to sign up and attend a minimum of one (1) vendor Braindate appointment during ALTA SPRINGBOARD. Each attendee will be given access to the Braindate platform in advance of the event and have the ability to select the vendor Braindate of their choosing along with a date and time for the appointment that works best with their schedule. If an attendee does not wish to fulfill this requirement, please contact meetings@alta.org for ALTA SPRINGBOARD registration and pricing information.