Schedule Terminology

Ideas Festival

  • In these 30 minute Ted Talk style sessions, our Idea Festival speaker(s) will inspire and challenge attendee to think about a current industry challenge or opportunity in new ways. The challenges presented are the biggest issues and/or opportunities facing the title insurance and settlement industry today.

Knowledge Communities

  • 50 minute round table problem solving discussions lead by an ALTA Facilitator. The topics and discussions stem from the industry challenge presented in the correlating Ideas Festival.

Career Advancement Talks

  • The education offered in these 30-minute talks are all focused on an individual’s professional growth.


  • For some conference goers, there is nothing more stressful than the idea of networking. Many would rather pull out their smartphones and check their emails than take the risk of approaching a stranger to introduce themselves or get stuck in the wrong conversation. However, when asked, many people cite networking as their number one reason for attending a conference, so avoiding networking is not the solution. Braindates are about sharing knowledge. They are 30-minute one-on-one conversations or 45-minute group discussions that you book with other participants while you’re at ALTA SPRINGBOARD.

Networking Roulette

  • These one-on-one meetings are similar to a FaceTime call and are designed to recreate the serendipitous “coffee-in-the-lobby” conversations or “water cooler chats” that are so important at a live event. When an attendee enters this portion of the platform, they will be prompted to share their audio and video and then they will be randomly paired up with another attendee. The conversation will last for a minimum of 90 seconds or up to a maximum of 5 minutes. At any point during  this time, both attendees has the option to share their contact information with one another. All contacts/connections will be stored under the “Connections” tab of each attendee’s profile. ***There are a few designated Networking Roulette times on the schedule but please note that this feature will be available throughout the duration of ALTA SPRINGBOARD.