Talent and Diversity Feedback

Succession Planning/Knowledge Transfer

  • Lots of discussion about bringing people up through the ranks, whether large organizations or small
  • Create a record of job processes within the organization
    • Guided learning modules of job processes
  • Crosstrain employees
  • Keep a resume pipeline; candidates you’ve interviewed but may have not hired

Recruiting & Retention

  • The best impression you’ll get of an employee is during their interview
  • Use Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn
  • Create a department of “fun”
  • Utilize professional coaching
  • Develop an onboarding plan (2 weeks before arrival, arrival, 30 days, 60 days, etc.)
  • Employee referrals tend to not be diverse
  • Use personality testing as recruiting tool (Acumax, DISC, Predictive Index, Myers Briggs, etc.)
  • Phone interviews and email correspondence – screens candidates for communication skills
  • Retention: Training; transparency (what/how we’re thinking for the company); focus on the work; activities (parties, sports, arena events; and treats (movie theater basket, ice cream social)
  • Use an internship program as pipeline
  • If an employee doesn’t make a real relationship in 6 months, they are more likely to leave

Company Culture

  • Give employees ownership over their goals and how they relate to the company’s overall mission
  • Develop charity/community involvement component
  • Large company: weekly video from CEO, state of company
  • Spirit Animal of an escrow officer is a Tasmanian devil
  • Bonus and review based on company’s core values
  • Remote: integrate into culture; microcultures; videos; productivity
  • “Be someone a person wants to work for” – less about the job, more about the leader
  • Main issue: when there is a bad culture fit, how do you know when it’s time to remove a bad apple?
    • Act on performance
    • Manage to the job description (takes the personal out of it)

Leadership Development

  • What is a leader?
    • Seeks to learn and share
    • Takes initiative
    • Earns respect (doesn’t ask for it)
    • Is creative
    • Handles confrontation with grace
    • Communicates well
  • Trust employees; give them the freedom and space to rise to the top
  • Most companies don’t have a formal leadership development plan
  • Resources: ToastMasters.org; send staff to state LTA or ALTA conferences