The Local Scene Feedback


  • Technology
  • Using crosstraining
  • Community involvement
  • Limited staff resources – outsource; remote or flexible work options; job sharing, shifting who does what to accommodate flexible schedules
  • RON
  • Privacy legislation (CA, specifically)
  • Unresolved issues:
    • LLC fraud, wire fraud


  • A lot of discussion about talent and getting people to take ownership of their responsibilities.
  • Contracts and noncompete clauses
  • Violations of RESPA (e.g., gift cards to Realtors)
  • Don’t worry about others, focus on yourself
  • Resistance to change
  • Technology
  • Food in kitchens – cook and close
  • Ask staff to challenge your processes; they may have better ideas


  • Direct to consumer marketing
    • 3 question survey at closing
    • Social media — > consumers
    • HOP resources
  • Relaxed work environment
  • Empower staff to be leaders so you don’t need to be in the day to day, but instead working “on” the business
  • PA: change in law involving SSN and child support databases
    • Using technology (encrypted text service to collect) to comply
  • Unresolved issues:
    • Cannabis
    • Nitty-gritty of expansion: differences across states/counties (font size, color of ink, etc.)
      • Use state land title associations to learn local practices


  • Expansion: get better before you get bigger
  • If you’re working IN your business, you’re not working on your business
  • Marketing: new, direct to consumers
  • Unresolved issues:
    • Trying to catch up
    • Scaling your company
    • Compliance issues and uncertainty
    • eRecording (varying by county in some states)