Ideas Festival sponsored by FNF Family of Companies: Shift Your Brilliance

Industries are being transformed at the speed of light. To keep pace, individuals within an organization must raise the bar on their performance and reset their mindset. The leadership skills of yesterday will not carry in today’s continually evolving economy.

Collaborative problem-solving triumphs over traditional top-down directives. Solution-oriented individuals are forward-looking in their thinking. Forward-looking thinking must permeate throughout the corporate culture. Employees and companies must shift and embrace new methodologies to survive, compete, and thrive through the ever-changing demographic, technological, and regulatory marketplace changes that affect businesses today.

Simon T. Bailey’s purpose in life is to help others discover their brilliance. He says that, “every single person has brilliance within them. The problem is that this brilliance often gets buried by society’s rigid rules on how we are allowed to use our talents and abilities. It’s only when we learn to shift our way of thinking that we can find our spark.” The traditional winning formulas of yesterday will not hold up to the technological solutions that will continue to automate “traditional” business processes. In this Idea Festival, Simon will identify the top 5 skills to increase an individual’s performance and how to develop high impact habits that will influence your team and organization.

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Location: Grand Salons F - J (2nd Floor) Date: March 15, 2022 Time: 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm
Keynote Speaker
Simon T. Bailey