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Creating New Leaders

Have you been thinking about your own succession planning or what you will do when it’s time to build up your staff? It’s important to know how to identify future leaders on your team and to provide the right training…

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FinCEN & the Corporate Transparency Act

Many in this group have been under the FinCEN Geographic Targeting Orders for year, and if the proposed rule goes through, it’s going to affect everyone. Learn where the rule stands and how it could affect other attempts to thwart…

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Update on NAR Litigation

Now that this settlement has been out there for a few months, take some time to talk to your biggest clients and come prepared to discuss what they are planning to do and how that will impact you.

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ID Verification

It’s getting easier for the fraudsters to create fake IDs, but there is hope with new tools coming to the marketplace. Learn how to evaluate these and discuss what others are using

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Cybersecurity & Ransomware Attacks

This ever-changing topic isn’t going away, so what are the best tools you should be incorporating into your business? In this session, we will learn more about email alerts, training software for staff, EDR/MDR, and other ways to protect your…

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